Pink U Revamp!

I've done it!  Completely revamped Pink U with updated materials.  It's more streamlined and you should be able to find things easier.  

Getting back to basics and the role of a Virtual Assistant

To start off, it's hard to believe that this year is already half over!  AND the new seminar year has started.  So with the new year, let's get back to the basics of booking and holding skin care classes!  I've created a new page,, in order to give you the foundation to build your business and be successful.  Whether your goal is to just make a little extra money, get into your Red Jacket, Directorship, or all the way to National, it all starts with that Skin Care Class!  The more classes you hold, the more successful you'll be!

Now, for the role of a virtual assistant.  Our role is to give you the time and ability to get out to build your customer base, book your classes, sell product, build your unit, then build your area.  We can do everything from maintaining your website, sending ecards to your unit members, to creating flyers for your promotions.  We can offer advice on how to build your unit, but ultimately the responsibility is up to you.  We're here to free up your time to build.
"But I can't afford an assitant!"  Yes, you can!  Mary Kay Ash used to hold parties every Monday and that would pay for her housekeeper/babysitter for the week.  Book one class a week, or one a month and use the profit from that (be sure to reorder any inventory you sold) to pay for your Virtual Assistant and/or Office Assistant.
"How does a Virtual Assistant differ from an Office Assistant?"  Virtual Assistants usually run their own business and have multiple clients that they provide services for.  We are able to design and maintain your websites, create your newsletters, etc..  We usually keep up with the company's promotions in order to keep your sites updated.  An Office Assistant is someone you hire to come into your office.  They can book and follow up parties for you, put orders together, put your reorders on the shelf, keep up with your inventory, and answer phones.  Many office assistants usually help out around the house and can do things like laundry, child care, etc…  While a Virtual Assistant will not change unless you switch services to a different one, Office Assistants usually have a higher turnover rate.  I do recommend having both, especially as your business builds.

Well, that's it for this month!  I'm hoping to keep up with the blog better than I have been, but stay tuned!  I'm checking out a new program to offer that will KNOCK your socks off!  I'm hoping to launch it by September 1 or October 1!

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

The Holiday season has snuck up on us, but we're getting ready!  Updated the Black Friday flyers in the Seasonal and November links.  There is a new page under Seasonal/Holiday, it's gift wrapping ideas for your products.  There is so much in all the seasonal, check them all out!

August Month End Alert


Spring is almost here and it's time to get out those spring looks.  We'll start with Bridal.  I've uploaded a new Bridal Looks to the Brides page in Sales Ideas

NEW Updates 2/15

Updates have been made to the company pages.  I've gone through and verified all the links.  Keep checking back, as I'm adding more items to Pink U!

Check our September folder here, I've added in Holiday items to help prepare you early for the Holiday/Christmas sales.

Back to School

I'm excited that I finally got a couple of Back to School items updated.  Check them out on the Seasonal August page here

NEW Tracking Sheet!

With all the new contests coming out for the MK New Year, it's hard to keep track of it all!  Well, here's a tracker that will help you keep track of at least 3 of the challenges!  Track the 50 faces challenge with the Makeover Challenges PLUS the Race for the Gold Challenge!  It's so much easier now!

MK Tracker


Don't forget to pop over to and check out our services!

50 Faces Challenge

Mary Kay is always coming out with something new and exciting and the 50 faces challenge is no exception!  While we don't have all the details yet, we can start booking our classes for this promotion beginning July 26th and running to September 13.  here is a tracking sheet that will help you keep track of your faces!

50 Faces Tracking